Programme : M.Sc. Mass Communication
Programme Details of M.Sc. Mass Communication
Programme Name: 
M.Sc. Mass Communication
The department first offered MA Mass Communication program in spring 1997 and later on it was converted into MSc with the addition of some new courses in the program. The program is mainly based on social sciences focus, which consists of 60-credit and is completed in two-year duration. Medium of instruction of the program is English, however, students are allowed to do take examination in Urdu as well. The program also consists of research thesis as an option. At the end of the study period, students are required to do two months internship in an accredited media organization. At the end of the semester, students are required to attend mandatory workshop for each of the above courses. There are two days workshops for each three credit courses. The mode of teaching of this program is correspondence package including course books, readers and allied material, forth-nightly tutorial, presentation of assignments, workshop and internship. A great number of students across the country are interested in the in the program. Enrollment in the program is merit based on national quota system. About 700 students from all parts of the country are enrolled in the program every year in the spring semester. Eligibility for admission to the program is second-class bachelor degree from recognized institution. 20 seats are reserved for working journalists of accredited media organizations.
Admission Requirement: 
2nd Division B.A
Selection Process: 
Two Years
Medium of Instruction: 
Teaching Methodology: 
Distance Learning including tutorials, mandatory workshops etc.
AIOU Credits Required: 
60 Credits hour
Course Required: 
1st Semester Sr. Course Code 1Print Media Part 1 5625 2Print Media Part 2 5626 3Electronic Media Part 1 5627 4Electronic Media Part 2 5628 5Research Methods in Mass Communication Part 1 5629 6Research Methods in Mass Communication Part 2 5630 2nd Semester Sr. No. Course Code 7Mass Communication Part 1 5631 8Mass Communication Part 2 5632 9Language Skills & Communicative Abilities964 10Development Support Communication 965 11National & International Current Affairs Part 1 5633 12National & International Current Affairs Part 2 5634 3rd Semester Sr. No. Course Code 13Theories of Mass Communication Part 1 5635 14Theories of Mass Communication Part 2 5636 15Basic concept in Social Sciences Part 1 5637 16Basic concept in Social Sciences Part 2 5638 4th Semester Sr. No. Course Code 17Advertising 967 18Public Relations 968 19Social Psychology Part 1 5639 20Social Psychology Part 1 5640 OR 21Thesis 970

Semester: 1
1. Electronic Media 2 -5628
2. Research Methodology 2 -5630
3. Print Media 1 -5625
4. Print Media 2 -5626
5. Electronic Media 1 -5627
6. Research Methodology 1 -5629

Semester: 2
1. Language Skills and Communicative Abilities -964
2. National and International Current Affairs 1 -5633
3. Mass Communication 1 -5631
4. Mass Communication2 -5632
5. Development Support Communication -965
6. National and international Current affairs2 -5634

Semester: 3
1. Theories of mass communication1 -5635
2. Theories of Mass Communication 2 -5636
3. Basic Concept in Social Sciences 1 -5637
4. Basic Concept in Social Sciences2 -5638

Semester: 4
1. Advertising -967
2. Public Relations -968
3. Social Psychology 1 -5639
4. Social Psychology2 -5640
5. OR THESIS -970

Mandatory workshops are held in each semester
12Credits hour (Optional)
Two months mandatory internship in media organization
Vivas are held after evluation of theses

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