Establishment : Print Production Unit (commonly known as the PPU) was established as a department of the University in 1982 consistently to cater for the printing requirements of the University. This department is since then working as a printer for the University. It arranges printing of entire matters from a course book to an ordinary form being used in the University either for academic or for administrative/servicing purpose.< br> The University installed its own printing press in 1992 under an assistance program of the Overseas Development Administration, UK. Need for installing Universityís own printing press was felt due to accelerating demands of course books and allied materials. The printing press available is of moderate size and is unable to execute absolute printing demands of the University and therefore a part of the printing requirements is assigned to local private presses for the timely running and completion of academic programes.
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Introduction : Print media is an essential element in the instructional system of AIOU, as, in most courses printed correspondence units are the basic teaching medium. Within the resources available, every effort is made to provide course-books printed on suitably good quality paper, with appropriate type face, layout illustrations and binding. This requires close cooperation with the academic departments, Editing Cell, the Bureau of Course Production and Academic Planning on the one hand and the Mailing Section on the other. Since establishment, Press has produced lacs of course books and billions of pages of other supplementary materials and admission forms etc. Around 700 titles of course books and study guides have been published beside other supplementary material which includes student and tutor guides, tutorial schedules, TV/Radio schedule, assessments and examination materials and various forms used as part of the correspondence package. AIOU almost certainly the largest single educational publisher in Pakistan, providing learning materials not only to its own large intake of students, but to those of other institutions and to the public at large.
Objectives : The PPU is presently responsible for achieving the following objectives.
(a) Printing of course books.
(b) Printing of Prospectuses/Admission Forms.
(c) Printing of Foreign Publications.
(d) Printing of promotional material.
(e) Printing of Special Publications.
(f) Printing of Stationery items.
(g) Printing of Allied Material.
(h) Operation and maintenance of Book Ware House.
(i) Operation and Maintenance of Technical Stores.
(j) Repair and Maintenance of Printing equipment.
(k) Prepare demands for the PPU Stores.
(l) Sale of University Publication.
(m) Photocopying of study material.
(n) Processing payments for the PPU.
Future Plans : 1. Expansion of University Press.
The University Printing Press has only three printing machines apart from other related accessories. Out of three, 2 are of size 23x36 and one is 16x21. The first two are used for the printing of books whereas the later can be used for the printing of allied material. The University requires around 0.2 million copies of course books and 25.0 million copies of allied material for two semesters falling in a calendar year. Existing size of the University Printing Press does not have the capacity to print the entire demand within a short span of time given for the purpose. Therefore, a part of requisitions is assigned to the private presses. The University intended to extend its printing facilities to have self reliance position in that relation. In this connection, a proposal duly brought on PC-1 form has matured and the Government of Japan is providing latest printing equipment which is expected to be received in January, 2006 for installation.

2.New Recruitments for Extended Press.
As mentioned above, printing equipment from Government of Japan is likely to be received in January, 2005. After installation, the University Press will require more staff to run the printing equipment so installed. In this connection, a demand has already been placed before the Registrarís Department. Recruitment of required staff need to be executed at the earliest so that they could be given necessary training by the Japanese engineers at the University premises.

3.Appropriate staff.
Printing is a technical and professional work. The PPU therefore requires personnel having technical back ground and professional experience in the relevant field. Unfortunately, the PPU is short of technical strength at all levels. It is therefore advisable that the PPU may be provided the required technical staff reviewing the existing strength, which was approved almost fifteen years ago. The workload in the last fifteen years has although multiplied yet sanctioned strength of staff remained the same. This situation has already been brought in the notice of the Registrar for resolution.

4.Improvement of Security System.
The PPU has proposed to improve security system around printing press and technical stores. It was proposed that security barriers with necessary security staff be set up in front of the printing press and technical for placing checks for incoming/outgoing materials. It is expected that work therefore shall soon be started by the Project Directorate.

5.Construction of Book Ware House.
Existing Book Ware House, which was already inadequate and insufficient for the storage of course books/other study material, has seriously damaged due to the Earthquake of 8th October 2005. Besides, the existing BWH has the capacity to store 0.1 million books at a time whereas the PPU requires to store at least 2.5 million books at a time. Due to limited space, the b
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