Department of Interfaith Studies

Establishment : The department of Islamic Studies with specialization in interfaith studies programme had started from Autumn 2019. The main purpose of the establishment of this department is to present the universal teachings of Islam and to prepare courses for interfaith and interfaith harmony.
Introduction : The department aims to present the universal teachings of Islam and to prepare courses for interfaith and Dialogue interfaith harmony. The department has prepared two books on the level of BS in Islamic Studies, "Da'wah and Irshad" and "Study of the Religions of the World" which was completed through the process of publications. The department is offering BS in Interfaith Studies Form last two semesters. The books of MPhil and PhD programme for the department of interfaith studies will be published soon and these programmes will be introduced as on priority bases.
Objectives :


• To promote the mechanism of Dialogue on Interfaith and Interfaith Harmony.
• To produce the competent scholars who would be well versed in basic Islamic discipline. Enhance the capability of guiding Muslims in molding their lives according to the teaching of Islam.
• To facilitate and & broadened more sophisticated understanding of human beliefs and practices.
• To enhance the understanding of Islamic civilization.
• To explore the dominant features of prominent civilization & culture.

Future Plans :


• M.Phil. (Interfaith studies)
• Ph.D. (Interfaith studies)

Academic Facilities :
Postal Address : Block No.10, AIOU, H-8, Islamabad.
Phone : 051-9057373, 9250149
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