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Prof. Dr. Nasir Mahmood (Faculty Dean)
The Faculty of Education established in 1984 is an outgrowth of the Institute of Education, which came into existence in 1976 immediately after the start of the university. It is one of the largest faculties of the university with 47% enrolment of the university and contributor of 53% to the total annual university exchequer. At present 30 programmes and 135 courses in its eight department/Institutes being run by the faculty.
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Programmes: STEP (Management Science)
STEP (Social Science)
STEP (Community Education)
STEP (Agricultural Sciences)
STEP (Hotel Services)
Establishment : The demand for education has increased drastically throughout the world. This is on the one hand due to the development of literacy and the greater opportunity for leisure and on the other, the rapid advances in technology. The formal system of education cannot cope with the demand of education for all. In an effort to extend educational opportunities, especially to adults, distance education appears to provide the answer. In view of the importance of distance education, the Department of Distance, Non-formal and Continuing Education was established in the University in 1984.
Introduction : The department was established in 1984 and was renamed as Distance, Non-Formal and Continuing Education in 2008. It offers specialized degree programmes/ courses in Distance, Non-Formal and Continuing Educaiton, Adult Education and Educational Technology at M.A Education, M.Ed, MS/M.Phil leading to Ph.D and Ph.D (M.Phil based) in Education. It also offers courses at B.A level. Moreover, the department also provides on job training in distance learning system to the academic staff of AIOU.
Objectives : Main Objectives identified for the department are as following: 1) To conduct need assessment surveys. 2) To guide the writers and to conduct writing techniques workshops to assist the selection of instructional support material. 3) To provide training in script-writing techniques to assist in pilot testing of course material. 4) To provide in-service training/orientation courses. 5) To provide feedback to writers/department on course content and materials during preparation of the course and make them effective for students' learning. 6) To evaluate the required media support for courses. 7) To document and disseminate material on distance and non-formal education. 8) To exchange material and experience with institutions of distance and non-formal education. 9) To provide instructional programs in distance and non-formal education for specialization in this sphere of education. 10) To collaborate with other institutions for improvement in distance education techniques.
Future Plans : Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Technology; Postgraduate Diploma in Distance Education; Postgraduate Diploma in Non-Formal Education; BS (4-Years) Specialization in Distance, Non-Formal and Continuing Education
Academic Facilities : computers, printer, photocopying machine, projector, multimedia
Phone : 0519250055, 0519057707
Email : drajmal@yahoo.com
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Programmes: M.Ed. In Distance & Non-Formal Education (DNFE)
M.Phil Education in Distance and Non-formal Education (DNFE)
Ph.D. Education in Distance and Non-formal Education (DNFE)
M.A Education (DNFE)
Establishment : The Department was established in 2003
Introduction : It is the largest departments of AIOU, in terms of student enrolment. Presently the department is offering B.Ed, CT, PTC and Diploma in Education (10 +3). The department also offers courses of Education at Secondary, Higher Secondary and Graduate Level level.
Objectives : 1. To prepare teachers for primary, elementary and secondary classes

2. To bridge the gaps between supply and demand of teachers

3. To explore new areas of elementary teacher education.
Future Plans : 1. BS.Ed Early Childhood Education 2. BS.Ed Elementary Teacher Education 3. M.Ed (Elementary) 4. M.Phil Elementary Teacher Education 5. Ph.D Elementary Teacher Education
Academic Facilities : � Internet availability
Postal Address : Dr. Fazal Ur Rahman/Chairman Early Childhood Education & Elementary Teacher Education Department, AIOU, Sector H/8 Islamabad
Phone : 051-9057268
Email : fazalaiou@yahoo.com
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Associate Degree in Education (2-Years)
B.Ed Elementary Teacher Education (4-Years)
B.Ed (1-1/2-Years)
B.Ed (2-1/2-Years)
B.Ed Secondary Teacher Education (4-Years)
Establishment : 1994
Introduction : The Department was initially established under the Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences. In 1994 it was placed in the Faculty of Education. The department has a highly qualified faculty with diversified research interests.
Objectives : The major objectives of the department are to: i. Develop programs and courses in Science Education for pre-service and in-service training for science and math�s teachers. ii. Act as a center for receiving and disseminating innovative ideas in science and its teaching. iii. Carry out such research as will advance the learning of science and to collaborate with other organizations in the field of Science Education.
Future Plans : The department is planning the following new program in Science Education: � PGD Medical Education
Academic Facilities : Library, Internet, PCs, multimedia
Postal Address : Department of Science Education, Block No. 10 (Iqra Block) AIOU, H/8 Islamabad
Phone : 051 9250080, 051-9057851
Email : sami.ullah@aiou.edu.pk
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Programmes: M.Ed. In Science Education
M.Phil (Science Education)
Ph.D (Science Education)
Establishment : The Department of EPPSL is one of the oldest departments at Faculty of Education AIOU. The flagship program of Educational Planning and Management was offered in 1976 at the Institute of Education, AIOU. In 1984, when the status of the Institute of Education was raised to the Faculty of Education the Department of Educational Planning and Management was created. Later in 2008 the Department of EPM was renamed as Department of EPPSL; it was envisioned that the department will be offering more specializations in future.
Introduction : The programs and courses being offered cover the range of educational policy, development planning, program and projects management, institutional management and educational Leadership. The courses and programs are offered at undergraduate, graduate and post graduate level. Diploma for Professional Development are also offered.
Objectives : 1. Developing and offering new programs and courses in the fields of educational planning, policy studies and leadership
2. Conducting research in the specializations of EPM and EPLM
3. Introducing innovations in Educational Planning and Management Updating educational planning and management curricula in the light of latest research in the field.
Future Plans : B. Ed 4 years in School Leadership and Management (SLM)
M. Phil and PhD in ELM
M.Phil and PhD in Policy Analysis
Academic Facilities : 1. Text books/PDF for all Courses are available.
2. For m. Phil and Ph.D. EPM Study guide along with allied materials on LMS ate made available.
3. Academic faculty of the Department is available for guiding and supervising academic and research works.
4.Online tutorial support is available
Postal Address : EPM Department Faculty of Education Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad. (New Name: Educational Planning Policy, Studies and Leadership) EPPSL, ICT Building Sector H/8 Islamabad.
Phone : +92-51- 9250059
Email : afshan.huma@aiou.edu.pk
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Programmes: M.Phil Educational Planning & Management (EPM)
B.ED School Leadership and Management(4 Years)
MA Education Educational Planning & Management (EPM)
Ph.D. Educational Planning & Management (EPM)
Certificate in Educational Leadership Brochure
Establishment : 1985
Introduction : The Department of Teacher Education was established in 1985 and was bifurcated into Secondary and Elementary Teacher Education Department in July 2003. Its programmes aim at imparting academic and professional knowledge and training to in-services, preservice teachers and scholars. The programs of this department comprises M.A Education and M.Ed. Beside these professional degree programmes, the department also offers M.Phil and PhD (MS/M.Phil Based) in Education, which are aimed to prepare highly skilled leaderships in the filed of education. Mission: To provide high quality academic and professional education and training through open distance learning approach, to in-service, prospective teachers as well as scholars and practitioners so that they may be able to serve and contribute as change agents in this high-tech, competitive and diverse teaching learning environment.
Objectives : The Programs of department intend to achieve the following specific objectives: 1. To Produce highly skiled, proficient and competent professionals who can positively influence and motive the vast majority of classroom teachers at all levels. 2. To inculcate research skills to initiate research at grass root level. 3. To Enable educators with professional vision through the intensive study of new developments, trends and directions in the filed of education. 4. To produce theachers who can make positive contribution to the wholesome growth and development of the individual by enabling him/her to understand how to learn, how to live together and how to work cooperatively as members of the group in team spirit.
Future Plans : (1) B.Ed. 4 years (2) Master in Physical Education (3) M.Phil online
Academic Facilities : 0
Postal Address : Department of Secondary Teacher Education Block 5, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone : +92-051-9250057
Email : drnaveeda@gmail.com
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M.Ed. In Teacher Education
Ph.D. Teacher Education
M.Phil Teacher Education
M.A Education (Teacher Education)
Establishment : The department of Special Education at Allama Iqbal Open University was established under the umbrella of Faculty of education in 1985, in response to the desperate need of trained staff to provide services to special people. The department is preparing special educators for the 21st century through Distance Education System.
Introduction : The department was established in 1985. The aim of the department is to impart education and training to teachers for the special needs children studying either in special schools or in mainstream schools. M.Ed Special Education program basically a professional qualification and mostly in-service teachers from special and mainstream schools joined the program. for the in-service teachers and it is professional qualification. The objectives of the program are: 1. To meet in country’s increasing demand of trained teachers and specialized personnel by acquainting them with latest techniques and methodologies to deal with special needs. 2. To provide referral and supportive services to the handicapped and their parents by creating awareness in the public. 3. To keep liaison with agencies and organizations working for the amelioration of the handicapped.
Objectives : To meet in countrys increasing demand of trained teachers and specialized personnel by acquainting them with latest techniques and methodologies to deal with special needs. To provide referral and supportive services to the handicapped and their parents by creating awareness in the public. To keep liaison with agencies and organizations working for the amelioration of the handicapped.
Future Plans : Planning the following specialization areas: 1. Inclusive Education 2. Learning Disabilties 3. Gifted Children 4. Low Vision 5. Postgraduate Diploma in Speech and Language Therapy 6. Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Audiology
Academic Facilities : N/A
Postal Address : Iqra Block
Phone : 9250078, 9057853
Email : spedu@aiou.edu.pk
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Programmes: M.A Special Education
M.Phil (Special Education)
M.Ed in Elementary Teacher Education (ETE)
M.Ed. In Special Education
Ph.D. Special Education (M.Phil based)

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