Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Prof. Dr. Syed Hassan Raza (Faculty Dean)
First established in 1981 with five departments, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has over the Years, flourished to become by far the largest Faculty of the University. It, today consists of fifteen departments offering programmes at different levels in various areas like Business Administration, Economics, Mass Communication, Sociology, Women Studies, Urdu, Library & Information Sciences, History, Pakistan Studies, MBA in collaboration with Common Wealth countries, French (Online), and Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Similarly, in tune with the government’s policy of promoting and strengthening a culture of higher education and research in the country, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities has shown dynamism over the past five years.
Establishment : 1986 with the modest start of specialised Bachelor program in Mass Communication.
Introduction : The Department of Mass Communication was established in 1986 within the Faculty of Social Sciences catering for the educational needs of students at various levels ranging from professionally focused bachelor’s programme to research-based social science focused studies in M.Phil Mass Communication. The world class curricula has been adopted for the Masters and M.Phil level programs. The department has produced a number of course books, study guides etc. Thousands of students are being benifitted by the Bachelors and Masters level programs of the department. The department has a highly educated and foreign qualified faculty.
Objectives : The basic objective of the Department is to strengthen media education and research in Pakistan for the working and budding journalists/media researchers/analysts and teachers. To meet this end, the Department provides opportunities of higher studies of research at PhD, MPhil and Masters levels. Besides, the Department provides skill orientation programs at graduate and certification levels to persons making mass communication as carrier.
Future Plans : The Department is planning to launch Ph.D and post-graduate TV Production degree programs in the near future.
Academic Facilities : The Department is equipped with a Media Lab, FM radio and production studios for audio and video programming.
Postal Address : Department of Mass Communication, FM Radio building, Allama Iqbal Open University, sector H-8 Islamabad
Phone : 9250076
Email : NA
Staff Members : Staff Members Detail
Website: https://fssh.aiou.edu.pk/masscom/
Programmes: PGD Mass Comm
M.Phil Mass Communication
MSc Television Production Program
M.Sc. Mass Communication
Bachelor in Mass Communication
Ph.D. Mass Communication
Establishment : 1975
Introduction : Department of Commerce is one of the pioneering academic departments of AIOU, established in 1975 to cater the needs of the wide range of people interested in commercial field. Since its inception, thousands of commerce graduates have got education and are serving the nation in different capacities as part of the countrys trained workforce. The department takes privilege to offer I. Com; Associate Degree in Commerce and BS (Accounting & Finance). The department is a part of faculty of social sciences and humanities.
Objectives : To produce instructional materials in the field of management, business studies and commerce.
To co-operate with other organizations and institutions in the development and promotion of business education.
Future Plans : MS in Commerce
Academic Facilities : 0
Postal Address : Department of Commerce, Block # 13, Allama Iqbal Open University, H - 8, Islamabad
Phone : 051-9057221
Email : commerce@aiou.edu.pk
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Website: https://commerce.aiou.edu.pk/
Intermediate in Commerce (I.Com)
Master in Commerce (M.Com)
Establishment : The department of Iqbaliat was established in 1981.
Introduction : N/A
Objectives :
Dissemination of Iqbals teaching at a large scale for educated community of the Pakistan and other Muslim countries.
To strengthen the ideology of Pakistan and to achieve national integrity and unity according to Islamic message of the poet Philosopher of Pakistan.
To propagate Iqbal's thoughts through quiz competitions and students participating in courses and programs.
Future Plans :
Launching of Iqbal's Urdu Prose after converting it to full credit course and obtaining approval from various Statuary bodies
Development of 6 more Optional courses for Ph.D Iqbal Studies
Development of courses for M.Phil Leading to Ph.D Program
Revision of courses being offered at various levels
Academic Facilities : N/A
Postal Address : Department of Iqbal Studies, AIOU H/8 Islamabad
Phone : 92-051-9250009/92-051-9057774
Email : drchkamran@yahoo.com
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Website: https://fssh.aiou.edu.pk/doi/
Programmes: M.Phil Iqbal Studies
Ph.D. Iqbal Studies
Establishment : 1974
Introduction : The establishment of Department of Urdu is as old as the University itself. The Department took a start to offer “Teaching of Urdu to Foreigners”. Beside this, script writing for Radio/TV programmes was also the responsibility of Urdu Department. Before the establishment of Editing Cell in the University, all the courses of University were edited by the Department. The course “Daftri Urdu” meant to introduce Urdu as an official language, first of all was offered by the Department. Since its establishment, Department of Urdu is playing a vital role for the introduction of Urdu as a compulsory subject. The Department is offering Urdu courses/programmes at various levels i.e. from Matric to Ph.D level. To promote the effective teaching of literature, the Department has started to arrange seminars and workshops with the collaboration of external agencies. In this Seminar/Workshops, teachers of different colleges are invited to participate. In this connection, the Department has arranged a Seminar in 2003. A 6-day workshop was also arranged in 2004 about the effective teaching of Urdu Inter (compulsory) book for the Urdu Lecturers of Islamabad Model Colleges. Now the Department has adopted this activity permanently every year. The sole purpose is to prepare efficient teachers for teaching Urdu language and literature.
Objectives : The teaching programmes of the department of Urdu are designed to achieve the following objectives:
1) Teaching of the National Language at different academic levels as the compulsory subject.
2) Teaching of the other Pakistani Languages through Urdu for national solidarity and oneness.
3) Teaching of Urdu Literature as an elective subject.
4) Switch over of Urdu official terms etc. with the view to facilitate its practice (use) both in public and private sectors.
5) Offering of M.Phil and Ph.D programmes in Urdu in order to promote research activity and awareness among the scholars.
Future Plans : The Department of Urdu intends to introduce a Certificate Course (Urdu) for foreigners in future.
Academic Facilities : N/A
Postal Address : Department of Urdu, Block No.08 Allama Iqbal Open University Sector H-8, Islamabad.
Phone : 051-9250069/9057254
Email : dup@aiou.edu.pk
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Website: NULL
Programmes: M.A Urdu
M.Phil Urdu
Ph.D. Urdu
Establishment : Please visit LIS Department's website for details: http://lis.aiou.edu.pk/
Introduction : Please visit LIS Department's website for details: http://lis.aiou.edu.pk/
Objectives : Please visit LIS Department's website for details: http://lis.aiou.edu.pk/
Future Plans : Please visit LIS Department's website for details: http://lis.aiou.edu.pk/
Academic Facilities : Please visit LIS Department's website for details: http://lis.aiou.edu.pk/
Postal Address : Please visit LIS Department's website for details: http://lis.aiou.edu.pk/
Phone : http://lis.aiou.edu.pk/
Email : http://lis.aiou.edu.pk/
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Website: NULL
Programmes: Master in Library and Information Sciences (MLIS)
Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences
Certificate in Librarianship
Establishment : Since 1998
Introduction : Gender and Women Studies is an interdisciplinary programme. The programme acts as a catalyst to highlight the role of gender in all aspects of life in the national development. It is to integrate their gender in the academic disciplines that have been historically male dominated. Gender and Women Studies attempts to expand the definition and perceptions of existing gender dynamics between women and men in the society .It encourages critical analysis of the interplay of gender, class, ethnicity, religion and race in the society. Furthermore it offers the holistic approach to knowledge by infusing it with a new perspective to shape a better future for all people. The courses are designed thus to encourage further research and analysis on gender and women’s status in Pakistani society. It will prove beneficial in many careers especially in-service people such as, journalists, educationists, community workers, administrators and human resource development projects etc.
Objectives : Introduction to Gender and Women Studies as an academic discipline through distance learning system.evelopment of courses and programs in the discipline of Women’s Studies.Conducting researches, which are related to contemporary gender issues.Creating awareness and sensitization to gender issues at community level through seminars/conferences and workshops.
Future Plans : 1.The department remains consistently involved in planning and performing the following academic activities:· Development of New Course · Development of New Programmes·Research ·Organizing conferences/Seminars
2.Journal of Gender and Women StudiesThe department is planning to publish a Women’s Studies Journal, which will be focused on contemporary gender issue having a national and international Perspectives.
3.Extension Services Department plans to organize need based trainings workshops on wide range of vocational, technical and professional subjects for rural women and women entrepreneurs.
Academic Facilities : Library, Internet.
Phone : 051-9250079
Email : N/A
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Website: http://aiou.edu.pk/f/ss/gws/
Programmes: M.Sc. Gender & Women Studies
Post Graduate Diploma in Gender & Women Studies
Establishment : September 24, 1998.
Introduction : The Department was established in 1998.
Aim: to strengthen the learning of Pakistani languages and to empower National integration and linguistic harmony through teaching of Pakistani languages, literature and Culture.

At the university level this is the first department in the country working for the promotion of Pakistan languages, culture and literature.
Objectives :
To teach Pakistani Languages at different academics levels.
To develop study of all Pakistani Languages and Literature.
To facilitate research in Pakistani Languages & Literature.
To develop understanding among teachers about the theoretical and practical implication of Pakistani Languages.
Future Plans :
1.the department is developing a dictionary of 12 pakistani languages.
3.6 B.A level courses relating to literary history of Pakistani Languages are being launched in near future.
(i)History of Punjabi Literature.
(ii)History of Pashto Literature
(iii)History of Sindhi Literature
(iv)History of Balochi Literature
(v)History of Brahui. Literature
(vi)History of Saraiki Literature
- Preparation of seven Multimedia E-books for M. Phil Pakistani Languages and Literature programme.
Academic Facilities : Internet facility is available in the department.
Postal Address : Department of Pakistani Languages
Block# 08, 1st Floor,
AIOU campus, Sector H#8,
Phone : 9250071, Ext# 9057776, 9057777, 9057778,9057779
Email : pak_languages2000@yahoo.com
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Website: NULL
Programmes: M.Phil in Pakistani Languages and Literature
Ph.D in Pakistani Languages and Literature (M.Phil BASED)
Establishment : Established in 1974, Dept of English aspires to lead in academic & research fields.
Introduction : Well-established & well-organized, Department of English & Applied Linguistics has thus far successfully awarded more than 100,000 Diploma TEFL & MA TEFL degrees to students all across Pakistan since its inception. The department has enjoyed excellent repute in MA TEFL with an enormous yearly enrollment of 2000 scholars, which remains unparalleled in the Higher Education scenario in Pakistan. An excellent team of highly qualified and dedicated faculty strives to provide optimal motivation to students for building a collective consciousness through fostering responsible, empathetic, intellectual, creative individuals and critical thinkers with an enhanced awareness of not only the academic realm but also towards a positive contribution to society. The department of English and Applied Linguistics, AIOU is now forging new associations with the Higher Education Commission to team up in research enhancement on national level and various International Research Organizations to collaborate on a wide array of areas ranging from student exchange and teaching partnerships to joint research projects across the globe.
Objectives : To provide easy access to learning through distance training programmes.
To enhance awareness of English language skills and teaching practices.
To demonstrate knowledge of theoretical aspect of Literature, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics.
To help develop critical thinking and enhance analytical abilities.
To train students in current research methods to help them initiate specialized research.
Future Plans : The department is offering BS, MPhil & PhD in English Literature & Applied Linguistics by Spring 2019, while closely following our distance learning traditions. The BS Programme provides a comprehensive knowledge base for students planning to pursue studies in English Literature and Linguistics and aims to prepare them for further research endeavors in areas of their choice through an easy access distance learning experience. With a comprehensive scheme of studies, the MPhil Programme provides a thorough understanding of theoretical as well as practical application of various modern and contemporary developments in the fields of Linguistics and Literature. The PhD Programme, with a prime focus on research and critical inquiry, includes exclusive and comprehensive courses in research supplemented by detailed on-campus research-based workshops, monthly departmental seminars and conferences in Linguistics.
The Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in TEFL programme aims to create awareness about approaches, techniques and methods involving learning and teaching of English as a foreign language. This one-year diploma programme, is significant for English language teachers striving to increase both language teaching skills and upgrade themselves professionally. It also serves as a prerequisite for MA TEFL degree programme. MA in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Programme has always been featured as a strong point of the Department of English, AIOU. With an aim to train English language teaching (ELT) experts, the 30 credit hour MA TEFL offers a wide array of courses providing a comprehensive understanding of theoretical and practical aspects of ELT supplemented by insights into contemporary teaching practices of English around the globe.
Academic Facilities : Department of English & Applied Linguistics offers the facility of a well-equipped Resource Centre with state-of-the-art multimedia and support staff for holding lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences, viva voce exams, both face to face & online.
Postal Address : Allama Iqbal Open University, H-8, Islamabad
Phone : 051-9250068 (Chairman)051-9250108(Fax and Faculty)
Email : english@aiou.edu.pk
Staff Members : Staff Members Detail
Website: https://english.aiou.edu.pk/
Programmes: B.S (ENGLISH)
M.A Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
Establishment : 1987
Introduction : The Department of Business Administration ws established in 1984 with the objective to impart managerial education. In short period of its existence, the department has made tremendous progress towards achieving its ultimate goal of becoming a centre of excellence in business management education and research in Pakistan. The department has assembled outstanding teaching faculty and developed extensive teaching material for the improvement of education in Pakistan. Presently, the department is offering MBA Marketing and Human Resource, MBA (Information Technology), MBA Banking and Finance, Commonwealth of Executive MBA/MPA and BBA programmes. These programmes contribute significantly to the national goal of development of professionally equipped business executives. The university introduced MBA programme in 1986, MBA-IT in 2001 and MBA Banking & Finance in Spring 2005 semester. These are well taken by a large number of people waiting for an opportunity to upgrade their skills and enhance professional qualifications.
Objectives : The Business Administration Programs of AIOU are designed to achieve the following objectives: 1. To prepare professionally trained leaders for public and private sector organizations and to train managers to cater to the needs of complex and changing business environment. 2. To inculcate future orientation in the managers which encourages continuous learning and habitual receptiveness to new ways of identifying and dealing with opportunities and problems, in the business world.
Future Plans : Diploma in Human Resource Development M.Phil and PhD programmes
Academic Facilities : The students are provided face to face facility who enrolled in BBA,MBA-IT & MBA Banking & Finance. Those who enrolled in MBA (Marketing, Human Resource Management) are providing tutorials to facilitate the students to discuss their academic problems and also take guidance from the tutors. The students of ODL (On Distance Learning) also provided face to face workshop where the student attend three days workshop for each course and present their assignments at the end of semester, the purpose of the workshop is to enhance the students ability, skill, attitude and knowledge to prepare them for a better future.
Postal Address : Chairman Department of Business Administration Allama Iqbal Open University Sector H-8 Islamabad
Phone : 051-9057723
Email : mba@aiou.edu.pk
Staff Members : Staff Members Detail
Website: NULL
Programmes: PG DIPLOMA HRM
MBA 3-1/2- Human Resource Management (HRM)
MBA 3-1/2 Banking and Finance (B&F)
MBA 3-1/2 Marketing
MBA 2-1/2 Information Technology (IT)
MBA 2-1/2 Banking and Finance (B&F)
MBA 2-1/2 Marketing
M.S. Management Sciences
MBA 3-1/2 Information Technology (IT)
MBA Executive (Col. MBA/MPA)
MBA 3-1/2 Rural Management
MBA 2-1/2- Human Resource Management (HRM)
Establishment : 1985
Introduction : The department of Sociology is part of Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at Allama Iqbal Open University. It was established in 1985. The department offers MSc Sociology, Postgraduate Diploma in criminology, Population and Development and various graduate and different undergraduate level courses.
Objectives : The core objectives of the department are:
• To introduce students with recent and contemporary debates and frameworks for social analysis to enable them to understand, evaluate and compare arguments.
• To provide students an understanding of different social problems of society and highlight them for broader national interest.
• To prepare students for scholarly and applied research and for teaching in Sociology.
Future Plans : The department has been successfully offering its Masters, postgraduate and undergraduate courses. We are regularly working on updating our existing and introducing new courses from time to time as per emerging trends and changing needs.
The department has recently developed a new BS program (04 Years) in Sociology which is being intended to be offered in Autumn 2022.
The department is working on the following academic programs to be offered soon.
• BS Criminology
• BS Anthroplogy
• M.Phil Sociology
• PhD Sociology
Academic Facilities : The university has a purposively developed Learning Management System and a Campus Management System which provides the students with end to end to support and facilitation throughout their academic programs. This includes online admission, provision of learning materials, online workshops and a support system, based on the time to time queries/ challenges faced by the students.
Postal Address : Department of Sociology, Block 11, Allama Iqbal Open University, Sector H-8, Islamabad.
Phone : 051- 9250083, & 051-9250111-65 Ext.7801, 7806
Email : Soc@aiou.edu.pk
Staff Members : Staff Members Detail
Website: NULL
Programmes: M.Sc. Sociology
Establishment : The Department of Economics was established in 1987 with the bifurcation of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities.
Introduction : In 1987, the Department of Economics was established in 1987 with a few introductory courses like microeconomics and macroeconomics at Intermediate and Bachelor level. Over the years, the department has established itself as a reputable academic department and achieved a country wide reputation for introducing programs for higher studies and research in economics. At present, the department offers MSc and MPhil program in economics. In near future department is going to offer BSs and Ph.D level programs in economics. The department currently has well qualified teaching faculty possessing PhD degree from foreign as well as local well reputed institutions. Moreover, the department continuously collaborates with economists, academicians and researchers of other academic institutions for student’s supervision as resource person and as part-time teaching.
Objectives :

These programs are designed to enhance the qualification of those who are unable to continue their studies in formal education system.

• The main objectives of these programs/courses are to expose the students to the literature on various aspects of economic theories and their application to the actual economic world.
• The programs further stands to improve the quality and ability by creating self-confidence among the students to analyze and seek scientific solution to economic problems.
• These programs intend to create an analytical capacity among the students required for the understanding the working of economic systems. It is hoped that the programs are surely helpful in producing such core of economists who would meet the growing need of the country.
• To prepare professionals who have a grasp of the discipline in general and a command over the area of specialization in particular.
• To establish a cadre of specialists and professionals in different fields of economics, who could provide effective leadership in guiding and conducting high level research in various fields.
• To enhance the professional capacity of teachers in the area of economics.

Future Plans :

The said department at Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad is dedicated to provide high quality distance as well as face to face education, advancement of knowledge and learning in the field of economics. The Department offers the blend mode of different courses contains theoretical, quantitative and applied substances in economics which enable the student to review, analyze and provide solution to complex problems with intellectual independence.

Department of Economics provides access to the education opportunities in the field of economics to the diverse population which enable them to participate in conventional economic learning. The Department offers programs and courses, to the far end students through Learning Management System and prepares the students to be capable of critical thinking in their daily lives.

Academic Facilities : Library & Internet facility- Data base of Research thesis successfully defended. Access to Pakistan educational net work (pern)- web learning facility
Postal Address : Department of Economics, Block-9, AIOU H-8 Islamabad.
Phone : 051-9250075
Email : economics@ aiou.edu.pk
Staff Members : Staff Members Detail
Website: NULL
Programmes: M.Phil Economics
M.Sc. Economics
Higher Secondary School Certificate (General Group)
Bachelor of Arts (General Group)
Establishment : The department was established as History, Sociology, Anthropology, Geography & Population Studies. The department was renamed as Department of History in the year 1998.
Introduction : N/A
Objectives : To develop correspondence courses and other material in History for general and functional education at different levels.
To promote an integrated approach to the developed of courses.
To organize seminars and workshops as part of the academic programs.
Future Plans :
* MA Revised Scheme is approved from RET
* New Course at Graduation level are to be offered
  * Historiography
  * History of Muslim Rule in Spain
  * Historical Research Methods
Academic Facilities : N/A
Postal Address : Department of History, Block No. 9, Allama Iqbal Open University, Sector H-8, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan
Phone : 051-9250073
Email : history@aiou.edu.pk
Staff Members : Staff Members Detail
Website: NULL
Programmes: M.Phil History
M.A History
Establishment : Spring 2003
Introduction : OUR SLOGAN: "GLOBAL THINKING WITH SOUTH ASIAN FOCUS". Commonwealth International MBA/MPA Programme for Executives provides a great oppurtunity to explore the challenges and oppurtunities with a group of colleagues who share common goals and aspiration. The programme is designed to accommodate the busy executive's schedule, to satisfy the appetite for lifelong learning and to offer a rewarding oppurtunity to grow professionally. MISSION: To deliver high quality professional programmes in management and public administration through distance education in South Asia.
Objectives : AIM: To complement existing MBA/MPA programmes currently being offered in the Commonwealth to meet the social and professional demands for management and public administration education at the postgraduate level. To enable students in the commonwealth countries where the programmes are offered to obtain Masters degree in Business Administration and Public Administration, contributing to their professional growth and career advancement for their countries development. To develop human resources in various aspects of the areas of Business and Public Administration. To develop quality Post-Graduate Programmes that can be implemented widely in commonwealth countries and can be recognized across the commonwealth.
Future Plans : The University plans to introduce Commonwealth International MBA/MPA Programme using free-to-air satellite television broadcasts and the Internet services which will particularly facilitate students of far flung areas and those students who intend to enroll in this programme from any country of the world. The University will also introduce more skil based and professional courses such as Supply Chain Management, Consumer Behaviour, Business Ethics, Risk Management, Hospitality Management.
Academic Facilities : Supplementary Material in context to Pakistan, Recorded audio and video Lectures, Local Case Studies, Free Access to Digital Library, Computer Based Training Materials (CBT's), e-Books and Online Mode of Study.
Postal Address : Office of the Commonwealth MBA/MPA Room No. 102, Block No. 11, Allama Iqbal Open University, Sector H-8, Islamabad.
Phone : +92-051-9057840, 051-9250090
Email : col@aiou.edu.pk
Staff Members : Staff Members Detail
Website: http://col.aiou.edu.pk/
Programmes: No Programme Listed
Establishment : 1987
Introduction : In 1987 the Department of Pakistan Studies was separated from its parent department, the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, and was established as an independent department in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. Since its inception the department has developed and offered several courses of Pakistan Studies ranging from Matriculation (Secondary School Certificate) to Master’s levels.
M.Sc. Pakistan Studies was offered first time in 1985. Since then, it has produced a large number of graduates who are serving the nation in various capacities and bringing honour and pride to the Department of Pakistan Studies and to the AIOU.
Objectives : The Department was established to provide education on Pakistani Society and Culture, Political and Economic Institutions, History and Geography in an integrated and interdisciplinary ways.
M.Sc. Pakistan Studies:
For the pragmatic understanding of the people of any country it is inevitable to study the Geography, History, Politics, Economics and Culture of that particular country, because these elements contribute in shaping the aspiration and hopes of the people. M.Sc. Pakistan Studies programme is destined to produce social scientist, who can study Pakistan is Two Years (Four Semesters)
Objectives of the Programme:
The Programme aims at producing such minds that can understand the complexities and problems associated with the modern nation-state through interdisciplinary approach.
Eligibility for Admission
Minimum required qualification for admission in M.Sc. Pakistan Studies is Second Division bachelor's degree or its equivalent. An eligible candidate is required to attach attested photocopies of certificates/degrees and marks sheet with Admission Form (duty filled in) along with the requisite fee and submit it in the bank as per prescribed procedure.
(Admission's is to be started in August/September every year).
Medium of Instruction
The medium of instruction and examination is preferably English.
Assessment System Under Continuous Assessment (Assignments) system, the students have to submit Two Assignments for each 3-Credit Hours Course to his/ her tutor in the stipulated time mentioned in the assignment schedule. Passing marks of the assignments are 40 percent.
At the end of each semester, final examination will be conducted by the university for each course. Students need 40 percent marks to pass the final examination, however, it is necessary for the students to obtain an aggregate of 40 percent (assignment + final examination) in each course. The ratio of weightage of marks in assignments and final examination is 30:70 percent respectively.
Attendance in workshops are compulsory. Total duration of workshop in each semester (fifteen credit hours courses) will be fifteen (15) days.
Fee Tariff
Course Fee (3 -Credit Hours): Rs.1300
Registration Fee: Rs.200
Admission Fee: Rs.700
Technology Fee: Rs. 100
Total Fee of 1st Semester Rs. 7500
Future Plans : M. Phil. Pakistan Studies
Ph. D. Pakistan Studies
Academic Facilities : · Arrangement of Tutorial meetings
· Access to libraries and internet at main campus and regional offices
· Audio-visual support in the form of broadcasting and non-broadcasting programmes
Postal Address : Department of Pakistan Studies, Allama Iqbal Open University, H-8, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Phone : 092-051-9250074
Email : pakstd@aiou.edu.pk
Staff Members : Staff Members Detail
Website: NULL
Programmes: M.Phil Pakistan Studies
M.Sc. Pakistan Studies

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