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 Published date : 7/29/2020
 Heading: Revised Schedule of Face-to-Face Exams (Faculty of Sciences), Spring 2020
As per intimation of the Dean Faculty of Sciences, the final exams of the Departments of: 1. Physics, 2. Biology & Environmental Sciences, 3. Environmental Design, Health & Physical Sciences will be held as per notified schedule (w.e.f. 5th August, 2020). Whereas the exams of the Departments of Chemistry will be held w.e.f 15th. August, 2020 and the exams of the Departments of: 1. Mathematics, 2. Statistics, 3. Computer Science, 4. Agriculture Sciences, will be held w.e.f 20th August, 2020. Revised date sheets are uploaded at the website. Revised Roll # slips will be issued to the students of the Department of Chemistry, Maths, Stats, Computer Science & Agriculture Sciences shortly. (Conduct Section, Exams Department: Tel # 0519250051/9057647. email:
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