Programme Details of B.S MATH.(4 YEARS)

Programme Name: B.S MATH.(4 YEARS)
Introduction: Our existing educational system has become obsolete now and far away from international standards. To meet the challenging requirements of today’s fast growing world, it is the need of the hour to change the system that does not meet the international standards. For this purpose, The Department of Mathematics has planned to launch BS Mathematics Program. The BS degree is deemed equivalent to MSc Mathematics. BS degree holders are being preferred throughout the world as their knowledge is more focused on Maths. Our BS Mathematics program will produce well trained, highly numerate and computer literate graduates.
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Admission Requirement: Candidates having HSSC (Math as major subject) or equivalent with minimum 2nd division.
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Selection Process:
Duration: 4 Years
Medium of Instruction:
Teaching Methodology:
AIOU Credits Required:
Course Required: Semester: 1
1. Pakistan Studies-
2. Compulsory English-I-
3. Fundamentals of Computer-3400
4. Calculus-I-4432
5. Introductory Statistics-4434
6. Set Theory and Logic-4471

Semester: 2
1. Compulsory English-II-
2. Pakistani Adab-I-
3. Introduction to Sociology: Culture and Society -
4. Discrete Mathematics-1549
5. Calculus-II-4433
6. Intro. to Env. Sciences-4441

Semester: 3
1. Basics of Technical Writing -
2. Islamiat / Ethics (for non-muslims)-
3. Principles of Marketing-
4. Algebra-I-4472
5. Analytical Geometry-4473
6. Vector and Tensor Analysis-4474

Semester: 4
1. HRM-
2. Language Arabic/French-
3. Algebra-II-4475
4. Mathematical Methods-4476
5. Computing Tools-4477
6. Probab. Theory and Stats.-4489

Semester: 5
1. Computer and Scientific Application C++-1520
2. Topology-1521
3. Linear Algebra-1522
4. Real Analysis-I-1523
5. Ordinary Differential equations-1525

Semester: 6
1. Differential Geometry-1524
2. Complex Analysis-1527
3. Group Theory-1528
4. Analytical Mechanics-1529
5. Real Analysis-II-1530

Semester: 7
1. Numerical Methods-1531
2. Partial Differential Equations-1532
3. Functional Analysis-1533
4. Theory of Rings-1534
5. Mathematical Statistics-I-1538

Semester: 8
1. Optional-I
2. Optional-II
3. Optional-III
4. Optional-IV
5. Optional-V

Elective / Major Courses: 1. Relativistic Mechanics-1536
2. Operations Research-1537
3. Combinatorics-1539
4. Galois Theory-1541
5. Algebraic Topology-1548
6. History of Math-9415
7. Mathematical Finance-I-4478
8. Theory of Racks and Quandles-4479
9. Research Project-4480
10. Fluid Mechanics-1535
11. Applied Number Theory-1540
12. Mathematical Statistics-II-1542
13. Optimization-1544
14. Analytical Dynamics-1545
15. Mathematical Modeling-1546
16. Graph Theory-1547
17. Research Report-1550

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