Programme Details of B.S(INSTR. DESIGN & TECH)

Programme Name: B.S(INSTR. DESIGN & TECH)
Introduction: In increasingly technology-driven educational landscape, it is imperative that 21st century learners upgrade their skills and become proficient in the use of technology in every walk of life and to effectively facilitate the learning process. Educators and other professionals therefore must be able to design, deliver and manage learning environments both face-to-face and online. While embracing this paradigm shift of technology, Secondary Teacher Education Department (STED) has launching BS Education in Instructional Design and Technology Program. Overall this program focuses on instructional design process, learning theories, models, strategies, media, communication delivery models and interactive technologies, web designing and programming etc. Therefore, using the principles and practices of adult education, this program concentrates on following three areas:
• Building a foundation and conceptual framework for educational and instructional design process.
• Developing instructional strategies and skills to facilitate adult learning.
• Using media, web and other ICTs to support learning.
Admission Requirement: FA/F.Sc or equivalent with at least 45% marks.
Selection Process:
Duration: 4 years (8 Semesters)
Medium of Instruction: English
Teaching Methodology: Blended
AIOU Credits Required: 134 Credit Hours
Course Required: Semester: 1
1. English Compulsory -I +-5404
2. Pakistan Studies +-5438
3. Technology and Learning+-5900
4. Math and Statistics-I +-6401
5. Educational Psychology & Guidance +-6402
6. Classroom Management+-6403

Semester: 2
1. English Compulsory –II+-5411
2. Islamic Studies/Ethics +-5436/5437
3. Learning Styles and Learning Environment +-5901
4. Education in Pakistan+-6405
5. Curriculum and Instruction+-8655
6. Mathematics for computing-I*-9423

Semester: 3
1. Introduction to Instructional Design+-5902
2. General Science+-6404
3. Basics of Technical English (English-III)+ -6465
4. Organizational Behavior+-8427
5. Introduction to ICT *-9421

Semester: 4
1. Introduction to Web Based Instructions*-5904
2. Learning Management Systems and Organizations *-5912
3. Introduction to Open Educational Resources*-5916
4. Foundations in Education+ -6411
5. School, Society & Teacher +-6412
6. Educational Measurement and Evaluation+-6507

Semester: 5
1. Programming Language-I*-3407
2. Instructional Strategies and Assessment Methods +-5905
3. Web Design-I (website design & development)*-5908
4. Developing Instructional Media *-5910
5. Educational Research and Statistics+-6461

Semester: 6
1. Programming Language-II*-3411
2. Internship (Institution)+-5911
3. Visual and Verbal Communication in Instructional Design*-5913
4. Web Design-II* -5914
5. Trends and Issues in Instructional Design*-5917

Semester: 7
1. Mobile Application Development*-3499
2. Instructional Designs: Theories and Models+-5903
3. Multi-media Applications in Education*-5907
4. Internship (Software house)*-5915
5. Future Challenges in Education+-8656

Semester: 8
1. Research Thesis/Research Project-
2. Higher Education+-0828
3. Ethical use of Instructional Material (proper usage of resources) +-5906
4. Systems Approach to Designing Instructional Materials *-5909
5. Research Project-5918

Elective / Major Courses:
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