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Master of Arts (MA) Special Education is a highly demanding degree in the field that provide strong employment in the special education schools. We provide the exposure to a range of material and methods, and program-specific academic expertise. Through the comprehensive curriculum and learning experiences, our students will learn how to deliver the evidence based instructional methods for the children with special needs. That includes the high-level instructional practices to include the development and implementation of individualized educational plan to improve the learning outcome of the students. The department imparts education and training to teachers for the special children in four specializations namely Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Physical Disabilities and Mental Retardation with particular emphasis to facilitate mainstreaming of special children. The special education teachers are prepared to link up the distinct needs of toddlers, elementary, secondary, and higher secondary level students living with disabilities.

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor's Degree (at least 2nd division) or equivalent 14 years of education from a recognized university.

Selection Process

All eligible candidates will be granted admission subject to fulfillment eligibility criteria.


2 Years

Medium of Instruction


Teaching Methodology

The university allocates the tutors for the guidance of the students and connect them with the students through online AAGHI portal of the university. The assignment submission and evaluation has been conducted through the same AAGHI portal. A student must secure passing marks in Assignments as well as in final exams to successfully complete the programme.

AIOU Credits Required

60 Credit Hours

1. Educational Psychology-671

2. Perspectives of Special Education-672

3. Handicapped Person in the Community-673

4. Foundations of Education-831

5. Educational Research-837

6. Curriculum Development & Instruction-838

Specialization of Hearing Impairment

1. General Introduction to the Hearing Impairment, CC680

2. Psychology of Deafness and Child Development, CC681

3. Speech and Hearing, CC682

4. Audiology and Audiometry, CC683

Specialization of Mental Retardation

1. Introduction and Assessment of Mentally Retarded Children-I, CC3603

2. Introduction and Assessment of Mentally Retarded Children-II, CC3604

3. Education of the Mentally Retarded Child-I, CC3605

4. Education of the Mentally Retarded Child-II, CC3606

Specialization of Physical Disabilities

1. Physical Handicaps-I, CC3607

2. Physical Handicaps-II , CC3608

3. Educational Adaptation for Children with Physical Disabilities-I, CC3609

4. Educational Adaptation for Children with Physical Disabilities-II, CC3610

1. Face to Face Component-3600

2. Organization and Management of Special Schools-I, CC3611

3. Organization and Management of Special Schools-II, CC3612

4. Community Based Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities-I, CC3613

5. Community Based Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities-II, CC3614

6. Teaching Strategies, CC846

Thesis, CC694 or Elective courses of 12 credit hours

Elective / Major Courses:

The specialization courses equal to 12 credit hours may be taken to replace the thesis in 4th semester





A three day workshop for each course is conducted the portal along with Quiz.




Teaching practice


Viva will be conducted if the student has taken the thesis in the fourth semester


The Allama Iqbal Open University was established in May, 1974, with the main objectives of providing educational opportunities to masses and to those who cannot leave their homes and jobs. During all these past years, the University has more than fulfilled this promise.