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The origin of the Faculty of Education pre-dates the university itself. The National Institute of Education was established in 1973 under the Federal Ministry of Education. It became part of the university in June, 1975 as Institute of Education in the Faculty of Social Sciences. The progressively extending functions of the Institute brought the needs for structural change and in 1984 it got the status of Faculty of Education. B.Ed (4 years) program's focus on education and training of prospective teachers grows out of a profound belief in the transformative power of education. Our mission is to promote the development of highly qualified and efficient teaching professionals who are prepared to creatively contribute to the social, cultural, and educational development of a globally oriented, pluralistic, and diverse society. B.Ed (4 years) program will be a composite program blending Core Courses, Foundation Courses, Professional Courses, and Specialization Courses. B.Ed-SLM will not only provide a direction to general education but will also ensure that only those who intend to opt for teaching as a profession will join the program. It is a matter of fact that it requires extraordinary knowledge, commitment and skill to become effective leaders in education. Diversity and equity wove into course work and its practical implementation so that leaders and managers can learn to lead, manage and supervise schools with enriched learning environment for all learners. It will enable the learners/ future leaders to apply their knowledge and skills in real classroom and school situation more effectively. The teachers trained through new program will be able to plan and manage school at Secondary/Higher Secondary Level.


Program Coordinator:

Dr. Hamid Ali Nadeem


Eligibility Criteria

1. FA/FSC/A Level with minimum 2nd division.
2. Applicants with A Level will submit equivalence certificate.
3. Candidates with ADE (2 Years) degree can join in the fifth semester of B.Ed (4 Years).

Selection Process

All eligible candidates will be granted admission subject to fulfilling eligibility criteria.


Minimum 4 years

Medium of Instruction


Teaching Methodology

The University allots study centre and tutors for the students to get guideline accordingly. A student has to secure passing marks in assignments, attend workshop as well as have to pass final exams to successfully complete this degree programme.

1. English Compulsory-I (Core)-1423
2. Basics of Information & Communication Technology-1431
3. Islamic Studies / Ethics-416/418
4. Pakistan Studies-417
5. General Methods of Teaching-6400
6. Urdu-6416

1. General Math and Statistics-401
2. Educational Psychology & Guidance-402
3. Classroom Management-403
4. English Compulsory-II (Core)-424
5. Teaching of English-655
6. Teaching of Urdu-659

1. General Science-6404
2. Education in Pakistan-6405
3. Curriculum Development-6406
4. Classroom Assessment-6407
5. Teaching of Islamic Studies & Pak Studies-6408
6. Teaching of Math-6409

1. Arts Craft & Calligraphy-6410
2. Foundations of Education-6411
3. School Society & Teacher-6412
4. Introduction to Inclusive Education-6413
5. Teaching of General Science-6414
6. Short term Teaching Practice-6415

1.    Basics of Technical English-6465
2.    Comparative Education-6466
3.    School Administration and Supervision-8616
4.    School Leadership-8618
5.    Management Strategies in Educational Institutions-8615
6.    Critical Thinking and Reflective Practices-8611

1.    Educational Policy Planning-8683
2.    Educational Research and Statistics -8684
3.    Economics and Financing of Education-8685
4.    Educational Planning and Management- 8686
5.    Organizational Leadership-1646
6.    Curriculum Development- 8603

Select Any TWO from 8687, 8688, 8689, 1647
1.    Financial Management in Education-8687
2.    Educational Human Resource Management-8688
3.    Institutional Facilities Management-8689
4.    Instructional Supervision-1647
5.    Educational Laws and Procedures-8690
6.    School Community Relations-1693
7.    Quality Educational Management-8691
8.    Research Project (3 credit Hours)-8691

1.    ICT in School Management-8693
2.    Governance in Education-8694
3.    Longterm Teaching Practice-8695





08 Semester


The students are required to attend mandatory workshop for every course (online or face to face as per university policy).


The students have to conduct research project and submit its report (during 7th semester)


‘Short term’ and ‘Long Term teaching Practice’ are practical components in which students are required to exhibit their professional skills of teaching and managing an educational institution.


The Allama Iqbal Open University was established in May, 1974, with the main objectives of providing educational opportunities to masses and to those who cannot leave their homes and jobs. During all these past years, the University has more than fulfilled this promise.