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Directorate of Academic Planning & Course Production

The department established in 1979 as Course Progress Coordinating Office was upgraded and renamed in 1986 as Directorate of Academic planning and course production.


The Directorate is a central office in course development process, it functions in closed collaboration with the faculty members. The Directorate participates in course planning and administers course production process by scheduling all associated activities i.e. writing, reviewing, editing and printing of course books/study material. The activities of media production are also scheduled side by side.

The close liaison with academic and servicing departments is a constant feature to get assurance for the announcement/launching of academic programmes in each semester and for the availability of mailing packet which pertain to course books, allied material, course assignments and audio programme cassettes etc. To monitor the smooth launching of a semester a number of meetings besides, the meetings of special task group, are called with concerned academic and servicing departments.

In pursuance of getting quality assurance the courses of each academic department are pinpointed/highlighted for review and revision. The revision meetings are arranged with concerned academicians and revision schedules are prepared and monitored.

The Directorate of AP&CP is responsible to place print/reprint order of study material of all AIOU course to PPU with the consultation of academic department for next two to three semesters, to allot course code numbers to new courses and to notify the names of course coordinator for respective courses. Likely, the record of course code numbers and course coordinators is maintained. The Directorate of AP&CP serves in many respects as the nerve centre of University.

CMS (Content management System):

Recently University has introduced CMS (Content Management System). This department also connects its working with this online platform. This impacts mainly to digitalize records for admission, registration, financial aid/student accounts, course cataloging, academic advising, degree audit etc. All data is accessible 24/7. 

Editing Cell:

Its a core element of department. The philosophy of distance education is that the learner's attention and devotion must be involved in the learning process the editor check that all the technical terms are explained, paragraphs are neatly arranged, exercises and tables are properly laid out. The editor's job entails to ensure accuracy, trimming of unnecessary words, correcting inconsistencies and protecting and polishing the language.



Scheduling and monitoring of academic activities. Close liaison with servicing and academic department for accomplishment of objectives. Arrangements of text material, study guides, books, allied material and course assignments. Establishing and maintaining the online Content Management System,

Future Plans

Next 5-10 year Academic Planning, Course Coordinator Database, Couse Information Database, Upgrading for CMS working. Standardizing Educational Video Programs. Shifting to Online Editing to save University's resource, and papers, and make the editing process up to date as a part of digitization.

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The Allama Iqbal Open University was established in May, 1974, with the main objectives of providing educational opportunities to masses and to those who cannot leave their homes and jobs. During all these past years, the University has more than fulfilled this promise.