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The Department of Biology is well aware of the fact that this is the era of scientific revolutions. Microbiology, which is parallel to molecular biology as well as biotechnology, is a field of remarkable significance. Lots of work is being done at international level but Pakistan is still behind in this field. The trained manpower well versed with laboratory techniques and disease diagnostic facilities is limited in the country.

Keeping this in view, the Department of Biology has launched four years BS Program in Microbiology from the semester Spring, 2009.

This program is designed to:
1. provide human resources/skilled microbiological technologists for catering the needs of medical laboratories in hospitals and research institutes.
2. provide foundation for higher studies in microbiological sciences.
3. create awareness about the importance of this science for public health.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates possessing F.Sc certificate with atleast second division with Biology, will be eligible to apply for admission.

Selection Process

Selected candidates will be granted Admission subject to fulfilling Eligibility criteria.


4 Years

Medium of Instruction


Teaching Methodology

Face to Face Classes

AIOU Credits Required

132 Credit Hours
  1.  English I: Composition and Comprehensions-5451
  2. Cell Biology, Genetics And Evolution.-4401
  3. Fundamentals of Microbiology-4403
  4. Inorganic Chemistry-4421
  5. Pre-calculus-9467
  1. English II: Technical and business writing-5454
  2. Diversity of Plants -4402
  3. Organic Chemistry-4422
  4. Calculus I-4432
  5. Environmental Microbiology-4445
  1. English III: Communication skills-5458
  2. Pakistan Studies-5465
  3. Introduction To Environmental Science-4441
  4. Diversity Of Animals-4469
  5. Introduction to Sociology-5469
  1. Biotechnology-4412
  2. Human Physiology-4409
  3. Public Relations-9468
  4. Islamic Studies / Ethics*-5466/5467
  5. Introduction to Computers -5468
  1. Introductory Biochemistry-4481
  2. Biostatistics-4482
  3. Microbial Genetics-4407
  4. Virology-4408
  1. Molecular Biology-4419
  2. Molecular Mechanism Of Antimicrobial Drugs-4416
  3. Food And Dairy Microbiology-4411
  4. Microbial Anatomy And Physiology-4405
  5. Scientific Research-7413
  1. Immunology-4415
  2. Medical Microbiology-4413
  3. Industrial Microbiology-4420
  4. Soil Microbiology-4410
  1. Epidemiology-4417
  2. Research Project-4418
  3. Genetic Engineering-4414





Laboratory Workshops


6 Credit Hours Research Project / Thesis


Either in form of workshop at the end of semester or continous during semester depending upon the availability of resources.


After completion of Thesis.




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