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Dr Sarwat Maqbool
Field of specializations are English Linguistics& Literature, Educational Leadership and Management, Secondary Teacher Education and Early Childhood Education. She has been serving in Allama Iqbal Open University Since 2009.
She designed, developed and launched new programmes and courses at MPhil, Masters BS and ADE Level .
She coordinating different programmes and courses in AIOU at different levels. She organized different international and national conference as well as she awarded bes teaher award form UNESCO and AIOU.




14 years of University Teaching/Research Experience


15 Publications

Project, Research Interests

03 National & International Research Projects

Research Interests:        1) Teacher Education

                                                      2) Educational Leadership and Management

                                                      3) Educational Psychology

                                                      4) Early Childhood Education

                                                       5) Elementary Education

                                                       6) Distance Education

                                                       7) English Linguistics and Literature

                                                        8)English Language Teaching


The Allama Iqbal Open University was established in May, 1974, with the main objectives of providing educational opportunities to masses and to those who cannot leave their homes and jobs. During all these past years, the University has more than fulfilled this promise.