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Ms Aqleem Fatimah
Aqleem Fatimah is Lecturer at Gender and Women studies. Also, a poetess and feature writer for a national Sunday Magazine.
Department of Gender & Women studies, Block 11 (upper floor), Room 105, AIOU, H-8/2, Islamabad



  • MPhil in Development Studies from the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics,
  • MA Women Studdies from University o the Punjab, Lahore, 
  • BA from University of Punjab, Lahore
  • Bachelor's in Education from Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad

Professional Development Courses and Training:

  • Introduction to Technology-Enabled Learning from: Athabasca University through COL Online, 2020
  • Gender and Sexuality: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace from University of Pittsburgh, offered through Coursera (Year: 2020)
  • Discovering PhD Potential: Writing a Research Proposal, University of Leicester Duration: 5 weeks (MOOC course) Year: 2021


Teaching/Lecturing/Unit writing/Coordination of the courses

  • BS Gender & Women Studies Program:

Feminist Philosophy (9176)

Gender and Project Management (9177)

Gender, Policy and Planning (9178)

 Women and Work (9179)

Gender and Entrepreneurship (9180)

Gender and Religion (9181)

Perspectives of Women Rights in Islam (9168)

  • MSc Gender & Women Studies Program:

Perspectives of women Rights in Islam (880)

Perspectives on Gender Studies (4653)

Gwender & Development (4651)

  • MPhil Gender & Women Studies Program:

Gender & Development: Global and Local Perspectives

Special Responsibilities

  • BS Gender & Women Studies Program Coordinator
  • Capstone Project Coordinator

Thesis Supervision

Muhammed Nadeem.  A Case Study of Socio-Economic Survival of Divorced Women f District  Mansehra (In Process). MA Thesis.

Research Grants for paper presentation

  • Young Research Scholarship Award 2019 Eurasia Research for presenting paper at Istanbul Conference 2019.
  • HEC Travel Grant to present paper at 3rd World Conference on Women’s Studies  4-6 May 2017 Colombo, Sri Lanka


Professional Trainings:

  1. ProQuest training session, Getting started with Ref Works. February 1, 2022
  2. ProQuest training session The Art of Academic Honesty: Plagiarism unpacked on January 25, 2022.
  3. Programme for Consultation for Drafting a Gender Policy Framework (HEC Headquarter 24th January 2019
  4. One day Seminar on SDGs Implementation; the Collaboration among Universities 12 th December, 2018. Pak china Friendship Centre.
  5. Three Days Professional Latex Training Workshop for Faculty 6-8 November 2018, Faculty of Education, AIOU.
  6. One Day Training session ‘Effective Time & Stress Management Skills, 3 1st August 2016, ORIC, AIOU
  7. Two –day Training Course on Open and distance Learning by Asha Kanwar, May 2016 ORIC, AIOU
  8. 5 days Training on Gender Mainstreaming in Development in 18 th -22 nd Jan 2016 at NCRD
  9. Seminar by Jason on Progressive Pedagogies & Introduction to Mindfulness and Contemplative Practices 12 th Jan 2016
  10. Attended a one-day training held by ORIC on “Management Skills for Professionals” on 29 th December at Academic Complex AIOU
  11. Attended Two- Days Tutorial Sessions for New Employees as a new Faculty member at AIOU from 8-9 July 2015
  12. Two-days’ Workshop/Training on Stress Management in May 2015 at MPI, Islamabad Attended a subject/courses/workshop training in Feb 2015, in AIOU Auditorium


Contributed to a series of impactful publications across diverse themes in gender studies, exploring topics such as women's imagery in folk wedding songs, engendering education for human capital accumulation, challenging power dynamics of gendered roles, and advocating for inclusion, peace, and resistance in Shia Muslim women's standpoints, published in renowned journals including Biannual Journal of Gender and Social Issues, Pakistan Journal of Educational Research and Evaluation, and International Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies.


  1. Atifa Nasir and Aqleem Fatimah. (2017). Women imagery in Folk Wedding Songs, An ethnographic and Thematic study of Rajput folksongs (Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan. Biannual Journal of Gender and Social Issues 16(2) (Y Category journal).
  2. Aqleem Fatimah. (2020). Engendering Education for Human Capital Accumulation and Sustainable Development (A Case of Allama Iqbal Open University of Pakistan). Pakistan Journal of Educational Research and Evaluation, PJERE, December 2020, vol 8(1), pp.1-19 (Y Category journal).
  3. Aqleem Fatimah and Shah Bukht Fatima. (2020). Hypatia and Zenith: Challenging the Power Dynamics of Gendered Roles. Biannual Journal of Gender and Social Issues, Spring 2020 Vol 9(1), pp. 99-112 (Y Category journal).
  4. Aqleem, F. and  Atifa , N. (2022). Hijab’ s Hijab: A Call for Inclusion, Peace, and Resistance Shia Muslims Women’s Standpoints. International Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies, 7(4), 5-13. Retrieved from

Project, Research Interests

She takes keen interest in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary topics that deals with intersecting areas of gender and sexuality, religion, power dynamics, and gender policy, and  planning.

Brief Profile

Papers Presented at Conferences/Seminars

  1. Oral PowerPoint Presentation of Research Paper was done on the topic ‘Feminists’ Discourse on Purdah: Shaheed Motahari’s Rationalization on ISSC International 2 nd Social Science Conference 2016 on 29 th December at Academic Complex, AIOU Islamabad.
  2. Paper presentation on “Gender Based Teaching Competencies - Counts a lot!!” at International conference on Research and Practices in Education 2016 (ICRPE) on 3 rd February 2016
  3.  Oral Presentation of Research Paper Hijab: Cultural or More Religious? On first National Conference in Gender Studies 2017 9-10 th August 2017 at AIOU, Islamabad.
  4. Oral Paper presentation on My Hijab Is My Strength; Analyzing Hijab as A Weapon for Agency; Self Identification Tool from Pakistani Women’s Context at 3 rd World Conference on Women’s Studies 4-6 May 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  5. Oral Paper presentation on Post-Matrimonial Challenge – Gender Role Sharing or Gender Role. Reversal: Demystifying Islamic versus Post Development Discourse on Familial Masculinities at The
  6. 10th Annual AMI Contemporary Fiqhi Issues Workshop: “The Institution of Marriage in Islam and Modern Society” 21st – 22nd July 2022, Al Mehdi Institute , Birmingham, U.K


Authorship & Feature Writing

  • Published my Poetic Volume Lams e Huda in 2023 that covers poetry on Ahlybait and some of the women issues, islamophobia, gender equality  with post colonialist lens.
  • Contributing as Special feature writer voluntarily for Dunya News Sunday Magazine since April 2023. My features covers multiple socio-political, educational and AI related issues with a gender lens.


Guest Speaker/Expert Scholar/Poet Appearances at Mainstream Media channels

Apears on national TV channel Such TV  and an international Women's Day 2023 representing AIOU

TV Channel Hadi TV on various Occasions to discuss Eminent Women of the Islamic History, and to share my poetry.





  • Lifetime member of Eurasia Research
  • Member of AAAWGS


Volunteer Reviewing

      Regular Volunteer Reviewer of Academia Letters


The Allama Iqbal Open University was established in May, 1974, with the main objectives of providing educational opportunities to masses and to those who cannot leave their homes and jobs. During all these past years, the University has more than fulfilled this promise.