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Center for Social Reconstruction


Transforming human beings into social engineers is one of the major themes of education which makes the educational institutions aware and sensitive to the society’s matters. In the modern world, educational institutions have taken the responsibility to address the social questions and started a quest for creation of a better society. All levels of educational institutions have their own responsibilities, but the most significant contribution comes from the universities. University is a place where knowledge is created and usually this knowledge-creation is led by reflection and needs of the society. This modern but complex era has put extra responsibilities on the higher education institutions, i.e. the universities. They are, now, not limited to just ‘what there is’ or ‘what should and shouldn’t be’, they are supposed to take practical steps to reconstruct individual and societal experiences. It is also realized that a major goal of social reconstruction is to prepare the public opinion for preventing the crisis creation.

A simple overview of our society is sufficient to conclude that a lot is still to be done for social injustice and removing intolerance. It leads the academicians to stand with the challenges posed to our society. The universities are playing their role in educating and training of the social engineers and leaders of tomorrow. To meet the demands of the society, Allama Iqbal Open University established Center for Social Reconstruction in 2019.




The Center for Social Reconstruction was established with the following objectives:

  • Identify the areas where social reconstruction is needed the most
  • Prepare / develop material to enhance base for knowledge economy
  • Prepare smart courses for masses e.g., parenting


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The Allama Iqbal Open University was established in May, 1974, with the main objectives of providing educational opportunities to masses and to those who cannot leave their homes and jobs. During all these past years, the University has more than fulfilled this promise.