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Department Of Economics

The Department of Economics was established in 1987 with the bifurcation of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities.


The Department of Economics was established in 1987 with a few introductory courses like microeconomics and macroeconomics at intermediate and bachelor level. Over the years, the department has established itself as a reputable academic department and achieved a country wide reputation for introducing programs for higher studies and research in economics. At present, the department offers MSc and MPhil program in economics. In semester Spring, 2023 department is going to offer BS Economics program and in near future Ph.D level programs in economics. The department currently has well qualified teaching faculty possessing PhD degree from foreign as well as local well reputed institutions. Moreover, the department continuously collaborates with economists, academicians, and researchers of other academic institutions for students supervision as resource persons and as part-time teaching.


These programs are designed to enhance the qualification of those who are unable to continue their studies in formal education system.

The main objectives of these programs/courses are:


  •     To expose the students to the literature on various aspects of economic theories and their application to the actual economic world;
  •     To improve the quality and ability by creating self-confidence among the students to analyze and seek scientific solution to economic problems;
  •     To create among the students an analytical capacity required for understanding the working of economic systems. It is hoped that the programs       are surely helpful in producing such core of economists who would meet the growing need of the country; 
  •     To prepare professionals who have a grasp of the discipline in general and a command over the area of specialization;
  •     To establish a cadre of specialists and professionals in different fields of economics, who could provide effective leadership in guiding and  conducting high level research in various fields; and
  •     To enhance the professional capacity of teachers in economics.

Academic Facilities

Besides postgraduate, graduate, undergraduate the department is actively involved in research and development. Department conducts research in economics. Library – internet facility- database of research thesis successfully defended. access to Pakistan Educational and Research Network (PERN)- web learning facility, viva voce exams both face to face and online.


Future Plans


The said department at Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad provides high quality distance as well as face to face education, advancement of knowledge and learning in the field of economics. The Department offers the blend mode of different courses containing theoretical, quantitative, and applied substances in economics which enable the students to review, analyze and provide solution to complex problems with intellectual independence.


Department of Economics provides access to the education opportunities in the field of economics to the diverse population which enable them to participate in conventional economic learning. The Department offers programs and courses, to the far end students through Learning Management System and prepares the students to be capable of critical thinking in their daily lives.

Contact Details


Department of Economics, Block-9, AIOU H-8 Islamabad.
051-9250075, 051-9057838




Faculty & Staff Members




The Allama Iqbal Open University was established in May, 1974, with the main objectives of providing educational opportunities to masses and to those who cannot leave their homes and jobs. During all these past years, the University has more than fulfilled this promise.