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Gender and Women Studies

Department of Gender & Women Studies was established in the year 1998. Department of Gender & Women Studies is offering four years BS Gender & Women Studies program, one year Post Graduate Diploma Program and two Years Masters program.

Dr Atifa Nasir is currently working as an Incharge of the Department Gender & Women Studies.


Gender & Women Studies is the interdisciplinary programme which acts as a catalyst to highlight women’s role in all aspects of life in the national development. The aim of the programme is to encourage women’s role in the academic disciplines that have been historically male dominated. Gender and Women Studies expands definition and perception of gender, which is a social construction of male and female roles in the society. The discipline encourages critical analysis of the interplay of gender, class, and race in society. Furthermore, it offers the holistic approach to knowledge by infusing it with a new perspective to shape a better future for all the people. Thus the courses are designed to encourage further research and analysis on women’s status in Pakistani society. The specialization in this subject is equally in demand, in public and private sector. It will prove beneficial in many careers, especially in service people such as, journalists, educationists, community workers, administrators and human resource managers etc.


  • To introduction Gender and Women Studies as an academic discipline through distance learning system.
  • to develop courses and programs in the discipline of Women's Studies.
  • To conduct researches, which are related to contemporary gender issues.
  • To creating awareness and sensitization about gender issues at community level through seminars/conferences and workshops.


Academic Facilities

Library, Internet.


Future Plans

     1.The department remains consistently involved in planning and performing the following academic activities: Development of new course  development of new programmes, research, organizing conferences&seminars

2.Extension Services Department plans to organize need based trainings workshops on wide range of vocational, technical and professional subjects for rural women and women entrepreneurs.

Contact Details


Dr Atifa Nasir

Assistant Professor (Incharge)
Dr Atifa Nasir is working as an Incharge in the Department of Gender & Women Studies. She is associated with the department since 1994.




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