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Pakistan Studies

The Department of Pakistan Studies was established in 1987 in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of AIOU. MSc Pakistan Studies program was first offered in 1985 from the platform of Department of Social Sciences and Humanities. Since then, it has produced a large number of graduates who are presently serving in public sector and bringing pride to AIOU. MPhil Pakistan Studies program was first offered in 2016, its first batch scholars have graduated in Autumn 2019. BS Pakistan Studies program was launched in Autumn 2019 with updated scheme of studies approved by Higher Education Commission (HEC). The program would provide the students an opportunity to supplement their scholarship regarding their knowledge and expertise on history, politics, and society of Pakistan. The latest scheme of Studies of the BS, Associate Degree Pakistan Studies, Bridging Semester Pakistan Studies have also been approved from all the statutory bodies and will be offered from next semester.


Pakistan Studies was introduced as a compulsory subject at the secondary and higher secondary level in the beginning of 1980. The main purpose of the subject was to promote national integration, unity, solidarity and harmony among the new generation.The subject ‘Pakistan Studies’ is the name of a curriculum of academic research and study that includes the culture, demographics, geography, history and politics of Pakistan.  Pakistan Studies is a multi-disciplinary subject encompasses social sciences, culture, economic, geography, and politics. It aims at enhancing students' knowledge about history, culture, and geography of Pakistan and to inculcate patriotism in the hearts of students so that they may become good citizens. This multidimensional course framework seeks to encompass wide range of issues pertaining to nation-building and state-structure in Pakistan, and provides awareness about the remedial measures for overcoming impediments inherent in our cultural and political fabrics. To achieve these goals the Department of Pakistan Studies has developed and offered different level courses of Pakistan Studies ranging from Matric, FA and BA.

Vision: To create awareness among the students about the “Vision of Pakistan”, as given by our leaders during the freedom movement and after the emergence of Pakistan, the rationale of Pakistan’s creation is highlighted. This approach will, hopefully, bring an element of objectivity in explaining the creation of Pakistan. It will also educate the students about the nature of the state of Pakistan as envisioned by its founding fathers. This approach is also useful in educating the students about the taxonomy of the state and in motivating them to develop a sense of patriotism as well as an urge for creative reconstruction.

Mission: The curriculum of Pakistan Studies has been developed with a mission to inculcate among the students a better understanding of Pakistan and its influence on the evolution and progress of the society, so that they may acquire proper perspective of thoughts and actions taken in the past. This approach will furnish the upcoming generation with knowledge and skill to promote a sense of patriotism and to develop universal human values in the society.


To provide comprehensive knowledge about culture, economy, foreign policy, geography, history, ideology, politics, and society;

To impart scientific approach of understanding different aspects of Pakistan so that the students/scholars may suggest solution to the problems of Pakistan;

To cultivate the spirit of national integration among citizens and a rational approach to comprehend the global challenges with available local realities and work scholarly on solutions across culturally diverse population.

Programmes Offered: In view of objectives, the course framework is sought to be issue oriented. It seeks to cover Pakistan’s cultural heritage since ancient times, Muslim political thought over the centuries, constitutional development since 1947, political systems and its functioning, public policies and reforms, agro-industrial projects, urbanization, social change and transformation, political development and modernization, as well as the democratization process through resource development and management, good governance and mass socialization, mobilization and participation. Currently the department is offering  the following five academic programs;

(i) MSc Pakistan Studies

(ii) BS Pakistan Studies

(iii) MPhil or MS Pakistan Studies

(iv) Associate Degree Pakistan Studies

(v) Bridging Semester Pakistan Studies

Academic Facilities

Students/scholars of Pakistan Studies can easily access and download soft copies of their relevant study materials, books for different programs of Pakistan Studies, from AIOU website link;

There is a HEC digital library and also AIOU library also which provide access to variety of books;

AIOU is facilitating students in terms of online classes. AIOU is offering online workshops to its students via Aaghi LMS / Microsoft Teams.


Future Plans

PhD Pakistan Studies

Contact Details

Pakistan Studies

Department of Pakistan Studies, Block 9, Allama Iqbal Open University, H-8, Islamabad, Pakistan.





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