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Department of Urdu

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. Urdu language is considered as a symbol of national unity. Among the languages spoken in Pakistan, Urdu has the status of lingua franca.
Apart from conducting research on all genres of literature, the Department of Urdu also promotes cultural values of the language.
Department of Urdu is the oldest department of the university which came into existence with the establishment of the university. At present , Department of Urdu is providing education from Matriculation to PhD level in addition to diplomas for foreigners.


The establishment of Department of Urdu is as old as the University itself. The Department took a start to offer Teaching of Urdu to Foreigners. Beside this, script writing for Radio/TV programmes was also the responsibility Department of Urdu. Before the establishment of Editing Cell in the University, all the courses of university were edited by the Department. The course "Daftri Urdu"دفتری اردو meant to introduce Urdu as an official language, first of all was offered by the department. Since its establishment, Department of Urdu is playing a vital role for the introduction of Urdu as a compulsory subject. The department is offering Urdu courses/programmes at various levels i.e. from Matric to Ph.D level. To promote the effective teaching of literature, the department has started to arrange seminars and workshops with the collaboration of external agencies. In these seminar/workshops, teachers of different colleges are invited to participate. Now the department has adopted this activity permanently every year. The sole purpose is to prepare efficient teachers for teaching Urdu language and literature.


The teaching programmes of the Department of Urdu are designed to achieve the following objectives:
1) Teaching of the National Language at different academic levels as the compulsory subject.
2) Teaching of the other Pakistani Languages through Urdu for national solidarity and oneness.
3) Teaching of Urdu Literature as an elective subject.
4) Switch over of Urdu official terms etc. with the view to facilitate its practice (use) both in public and private sectors.
5) Offering of MPhil and PhD programmes in Urdu in order to promote research activity and awareness among the scholars.

Academic Facilities

1. Main Library has a large collection of Urdu literature and related books.

2. Department of Urdu also organizes tours of various academic and literary institutes for the students۔


Future Plans

The Department of Urdu intends to introduce a Certificate Course (Urdu) for foreigners in future.

Contact Details

Department of Urdu

Department of Urdu, Block No.08, First Floor, Allama Iqbal Open University Sector H-8, Islamabad.





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