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Shari'ah (islamic Law & Jurisprudence)

The department was established in 1999 with the establishment of Faculty of Arabic & Islamic Studies as a department of Islamic Law & Fiqh. In 2017 with the approval of Statutory bodies of the university, the department was renamed as department of Shariah (Islamic Law & Jurisprudence) based on launching of programs in the field of Shariah.


The department was established in the year 1999, under the nomenclature of  "The Department of Islamic Law & Fiqh. The Department prepared various courses/projects/schemes of studies for the students of Matric, FA, BA, BS, MA, MS/LLM/MPhil and PhD relating to Islamic Studies in general & Shariah in particular. 


The Department of Islamic Law has been established:

  1. to teach Islamic Law & Shariah from Matric to PhD levels as per contemporary requirements.
  2. to conduct advance research on the different aspects of Shariah.
  3. to protect Islamic heritage with the help of modern research tools and techniques.
  4. to play leading role in interpretation of Shariah according to the needs of contemporary Pakistani society.
  5. to prepare scholars and professionals in Shariah who have command over the different areas of specialization in different fields of Shariah.
  6. establish a cadre of specialists and professionals’ experts in different fields of Shariah who can provide effective leadership in guiding and conducting quality research in various branches of Shariah.
  7. to provide opportunity of professional growth and development to the scholars of Shariah in general and in service personals.
  8. develop linkage between different highly reputed institutions of Islamic learning in general and institutions of Muslim world.
  9. create interfaith harmony and environment of dialogue between Islamic and other civilizations.

Academic Facilities

  • Teaching from Metric to PhD Levels.
  • Research at BS, MA, MS and PhD levels.
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Academic workshops


Future Plans

The department aims to introduce some new programs of PhD Shariah & new research journals in future as well. Other major activities of the department include conduct of national & international seminars, conferences symposium & workshops.

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